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Non-Invasive • Non-Surgical • Non-Chiropractic

Neurosomatic Pain Treatment and Performance



What is Neurosomatic Therapy?

Neurosomatic Therapy is an integrated form of massage therapy that uses a wide range of techniques to bring the body back into postural alignment and restore optimal function. Our unique method of advanced postural analysis allows us to create a personalized treatment plan just for you. This is designed to target the root cause of your pain rather than blindly chasing symptoms. ⠀

We utilize an 84-point measurement system to create a map of the body's 3-dimensional standing, sitting and supine (lying on your back) postures. We then overlay this with your symptoms and health history to determine which tissues have excess tension and what might be causing it. We then use this information to create your personalized treatment plan. ⠀

Treatment consists primarily of the precise application of the best massage and bodywork techniques, including myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and lympatic drainage. We treat everything from the organs to the soft tissues that move the bones of the skull (yes, your skull is made up of a bunch of little bones and they all move!). These techniques are applied in a way that is designed to lengthen shortened tissues, reduce demands on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and restore balance to the structures of the body.⠀

Practitioners of NST operate under the principle that form follows function - meaning that the structure of the body affects its health, and health affects the structure of the body. This is why we consider other lifestyle and health factors like diet and emotional health as well in our assessment and treatment.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Prior to coming in for your first visit, it is recommended that you fill out our intake form first. This can be found under the tab "Patient Intake Form" on the header menu at the top of this page. If you can't submit this form online, you can always fill one out in person when you show up for your appointment.

When you come in for your visit, we will sit down with you and discuss your condition and your goals for treatment. It is important to set both long and short term goals so that you and your therapist are on the same page.


After your consultation, the assessment protocol begins. At this point, you will undergo our complete postural assessment. This is where your therapist will take measurements of your posture and chart them all out. After this process is complete your therapist will go over their findings with you and discuss what the implications for treatment are. 

After all this is done we begin treatment right away. You should note that while massage techniques will be primarily used to treat you, this is NOT a relaxation massage that you get at the spa. On the other hand, it is not as aggressive as some other manual therapy techniques like Graston or Rolfing. 

Neurosomatic Therapy is designed to pinpoint areas of chronic tension and to release them in order to bring more balance to the structure of the body. This process is only possible if you actively take part in the therapy session by providing verbal feedback (where does it hurt? what sensations do you feel) and focusing on trying to relax these areas of chronic tension by breathing mindfully and staying present. It helps to think of this not as a treatment that you are passively receiving, but that you are actively participating in. Showing up to your treatment session with this mindset will yield much more significant results.



Dan Vidal LMT, CNS
Certified Neurosomatic Specialist




Growing up in Northwest Philadelphia, Dan was fortunate enough to enjoy an active childhood. Even in his earliest days of employment, he was happiest working manual labor jobs and climbing around warehouses and stockrooms in order to support himself.

After graduating from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts, he spent several years working in journalism and inside sales. This found him living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with a corresponding increase in pain and depression. Attempts at weight-training and nutrition-planning helped his mindstate, however the physical pain seemed only to get worse.

Researching and visiting various practitioners in the area provided no relief and no answers. He knew there must be another another way. 



An internet search for solutions to his chronic issues led him to Neurosomatic Therapy.


Drawn to the systematic yet holistic approach of NST, he quit his debilitating desk job in the summer of 2015 and moved to the Tampa Bay area to study with Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, and Paul St. John at the Center For Neurosomatic Studies. Dan graduated from CNS with a 4.0 average and was immediately hired by the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center in Clearwater, Fl.  He also spent time working for the Sarasota Pain Treatment Center in Sarasota, Fl. 


During his time practicing for these 2 prestigious clinics, Dan has significantly reduced his own pain, as well as that of countless others. Now he has decided to bring his talents back to Philly by starting Paragon Pain Solutions in his home neighborhood of Mt. Airy. His goal is to help continue to spread the word about the many benefits of Neurosomatic Therapy.





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